Vendors FAQ (click any question)

Yes you can ask a tourist to show his/her receipt to confirm you are picking up correct guests and to see specifically what tour route they have selected, what vehicle type, the total quantity of guests and any extra items they have booked.

Yes, our system is setup for 1 login per vehicle + driver, if you would like to claim more bookings you will need to setup additional accounts, 1 for each vehicle + driver you'd like to have in our system.

No, in short you cannot, the guests have agreed to a set flat rate for the 10-12 hour tour and you as a vendor has agreed to a set flat rate for the 10-12 hour tour

Yes, but tips should not be expected, guests can tip if they feel you have provided great service from start to finish on their tour.

There is no option to change a booking you have claimed, after you have claimed the booking you must fulfill that obligation for the date and guests you have been connected with in our system soo always make sure before claiming a booking that you can 110% fulfill that commitment!

After you claim a booking you will be put in direct contact with the guests so you can continue to coordinate the tour they have requested, you can then confirm pickup location, pickup date, pickup time, tour route, and you can offer any extras services you think would be applicable to their comfort and enjoyment of the tour.